Blixx 2

(Version 2.0 for Windows released, 6/3/08)
(Version 2.1 for Macintosh released 6/24/09)

Blixx is a fun and surprisingly challenging game. Bust the blue bubbles with the ball and paddle, or shoot them with a bullet. Just don't let them touch the paddle.

To burst all of the blue bubbles thus finishing a round. Total rounds = 15

1) Bounce the red ball off of the paddle. When the ball hits a bubble, the bubble bursts. Move the paddle with the mouse. Control the direction of the ball by where it hits on the paddle. Speed up the ball with the edges of the paddle, slow down the ball with the middle.
2) Shoot the bubbles with a bullet from the middle of the paddle. Press the Spacebar to fire. You cannot fire another bullet until the first bullet leaves the screen.

Blixx is offered free of charge for its use. The application may not be reverse engineered or altered in any way. Class One Software retains all rights to this program, this title, and accompanying documents.

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logo Windows: Download( 1.5 MB )
Macintosh: Download( 4.4 MB )