Master Word 2010

(released, 9/30/09)

Master Word 2010 is a challenging game for ages 10-Adult. Play using the built-in list of 2459 leveled 4-letter words or solve using numbers 0-9 or 7 different colors. Master Word keeps a database of players along with each player's game statistics. Try to beat your best time of solve the puzzle in fewer tries. Master Word remembers your last settings and best scores.


Discover the mystery 4-letter word, or solve the 4 number or 4 color puzzle in 10 tries or fewer.


Master Word 2010 is offered free of charge for its use. The application may not be reverse engineered or altered in any way. Class One Software retains all rights to this program, this title, and accompanying documents.

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Screen Shot Windows: Download( 1.8 MB )
Macintosh: Download( 4.6 MB )